AUGUST 2022 V 2021 Monthly Market Report
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Who are the McFayden's?

Erica and Ryan are young professionals, who decided to explore a new chapter in their careers... during a global pandemic.

Why did you decide to sell?

Ryan has been stationed at home due to ongoing changes with COVID-19 in the workplace. I received a terrific job offer that had previously been on the table and was put on hold due to the ongoing changes with the pandemic. After navigating COVID during the winter months, we realized, this was our time. The rest was history.

Why Schwenker Homes Team?

This was our third move. We had worked with other realtors in the past. Although we had a great relationship, in today's climate, we felt that we needed a team that had innovative and modernized marketing skills. We had been following real estate in Niagara for a few years, and I kept seeing Schwenker Homes ads popping up and 'following me around'. They seemed to do a lot of business and I liked the way they conducted their marketing. After Cam came to our house and explained how their process works, we knew they were the right choice.

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What surprised you most about the buying & selling process?

"How easy it was."

The best part of your selling experience?

Not having to clean! The Schwenker Homes Team graciously sent their cleaning crew in after we had the property staged by Lynn from Gem Home Staging. Lynn beautified our home, that combined with the cleaning made a WORLD of a difference. 


Erica's Top Selling Tip:

Choosing your realtor is extremely important. I don't understand why some people don't put the effort and time into choosing an experienced and professional realtor that is capable of handling their most expensive assets. 

We did, and thank god we did.

"The Schwenker Homes ad campaigns followed me everywhere"


Ready To Sell Your Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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