AUGUST 2022 V 2021 Monthly Market Report
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Meet Graham Coppel

Graham is a first-time homebuyer who purchased in a hot seller's market. 

With the help and coaching of the Schwenker Homes Team, this is how he managed to come out on top!

What was it like to purchase a home in a Seller's Market?

 Andrew must have shown me at least 20 different properties throughout the Niagara Region. I submitted at least 5 offers before seeing an offer accepted.

How did you find the one?

Fortunately, Andrew has a number of contacts in the industry and he and the listing agent were able to bring this property to my attention and I was able to close before it went to maret.ket. 

What was the advantage of working with the Schwenker Homes Team?

Andrew’s connections and ability to work with the listing agent led directly to me taking possession of this home. I cannot say enough about the friendly service I received from Andrew and the entire Schwenker Homes Team! Always prompt with a response, and they offered invaluable insight into the current market conditions. 

What advice can you offer to other Buyers?

Listen to the experts! Lots of people buy homes privately or through alternative methods, but having the advantage of knowledge, and experience on your side makes a world of difference. Andrew showed me things I never would have thought of. I know thanks to his help, I made a much more informed decision.


"I know I saved thousands of dollars on the initial offer I would have made on my own."

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